No Beer Festival in 2020 - but let's raise a glass to the future šŸ»

Well, It has been a nostalgic day today! So much so, we are driven to write a blog for the first time in a very long time!

We won't dwell on what could have been (quite soggy as it turns out!) but focus more on thinking about why we do it and how excited we are for next year.

It is without doubt our absolute favourite time of the year. Totally physically shattering for all involved behind the scenes; but it brings us great joy to see people come to our little spot of brewing heaven and spend time with loved ones. For a short period we all become a special festival community - whereĀ families feel able toĀ bring theirĀ little ones and familyĀ dogs mill around hoping to find an untended BBQ sausage.

We make no pretence to be the slickest or the most finessed; but what you will always get with us is a desire to create phenomenal memories - of a time spent in one of the most beautiful places in the UK with a beer tent, fabulous street food vendors, camping and some cracking music.Ā 

So, onward and upward they say. Next year's date is here for your diaries - 25th June 2021. Please put it in your diary and don't double book. Nothing is guaranteed... but if we can host we promise you one heck of a festival in 2021. šŸ»šŸŽ‰šŸ¤©

Stay safe and see you soon!

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