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About us - meet the team


The Wincle beer team are a devoted bunch 

Committed not only to creating the best beer and offering the best customer service; but also to the Peak District and its surrounding area. With 12 souls keen to extol the virtues of brewing and living in the Peak Park; our team live and breath the Wincle Beer vision of "Redefining English Ales".

Creator and business owner is Giles Meadows...

and it is fair to say that beer is Giles' calling in life. With a laser focus on creating beers that people want to drink; his vision is bought to life by matching genuine traditional ingredients with modern techniques. The results speak for themselves - high quality, consistent beers with products that have not only stood the test of time but are award winning too. Delighted to share his passion Giles is keen to see our Brew for a day sessions running again soon - watch this space!

Always on the run either brewing beer, or selling it, Giles runs the business with the support of a small, committed team. 

If you are lucky enough to live nearby drop in and meet some of the team over a brew. We love the opportunity to chat to our customers. Especially Lola.


Lola - our brewery dog in training and heir apparent to dear Molly. Forever a young pup but stakes the joint like she's been here forever and is very committed to quality control of the log burner. A keen greeter of old and new friends alike, she is particularly fond of biscuit snaffling and shoe lace chasing. So much so that Hayley bought new lace free boots for work.

Hayley - our Shop manager extraordinaire, also involved in sales, daytime guardian of Lola and been known to brew a bit in her time too. She doesn't like it if we say she can do everything - but she can.

Grant - started life at Wincle Brewery as a cask washer and hasn't looked back. From apprentice to brewer he and Giles are often to be found hiding by the brewing test kit, whispering and staring intently. We don't ask too many questions. Boys toys. 


John - our Sales superstar and a long term fan of the brewery. He doubles up as quality control officer (*unofficial title!) when he is not out on the road meeting people to talk about our beers.

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