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Who we are

Wincle Beer Company

We are privileged to have a very loyal customer base for our beers. This is not something that we take lightly - there is still intense competition in this sector that was embryonic over 17 years ago when we started out. 

We have always prided ourselves on the quality of our product and our levels of customer service. Coupling this with sourcing the best ingredients and using the best techniques and practice across everything that we do; we have consistently worked to ensure that we are constantly improving.

So, whilst to some the Wincle Beer brand is more traditional in its styles, innovation is clearly at the heart of what we do; and what we will continue to do to keep the brand and business moving forward. Thank you for all that you do - be it as a customer, a consumer or just a reader of these words to keep us going. With a local workforce, it makes the world of difference to us all.

Our new e-commerce site has been a huge success, and we are grateful to all our customers local and national for their continued support.

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 Our Beer:

"Delicious", "glorious" and "stunning" are just a few of the words used by recent customers to describe our ales. We pride ourselves on creating a delightful product that people really want to savour; whether it is a pint in your local or a bottle consumed at home. We know that taste and quality are key to the enjoyment and that is why we never create beers that we wouldn't actually want to drink ourselves.

We are really proud that we do this by sourcing the majority of our ingredients from within the UK. Nothing is more local than the main ingredient: water which comes from our own spring at the Brewery. Locally sourced is both key to our brand story and it also means we can create very unique, premium tasting beers. 

In terms of our production ethos - our team are dedicated to the business vision of "redefining english ales". It does mean that the Wincle Beer brand is more traditional than some in its styles; but that does not mean we don't like a bit of experimentation! We are fascinated by the use of new techniques to make each ingredient sing ... and a tweak here and there can make a phenomenal difference to the end product. We are also to be very proud to gypsy brew for a number of other brands - some of which are extremely modern in their presentation and taste; and very different to Wincle Beer. This passion for all things beer and knowledge of the process ensures we have the experience and the skill set to deliver any style of beer, ale or lager that meets the criteria and taste credentials required.

Each and every brew follows rigorous process with every beer leaving our brewery 'Character assured'. Over the last 17 years this means that we have created more than 5 million pints with that same zeal for quality on each and every one.  To order our beers for a home delivery please click here


Our location

Our source of inspiration and fundamental to how we position our brand. Set in a lush valley within the Peak District National Park beside the River Dane we are in a very privileged and unique location for a brewery. So much so that we were voted one of the top 5 most scenic breweries in the UK in 2019 by The Guardian and The Observer newspapers. Not bad eh?

To find out more about the Peak District National Park click here


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