Cask Ale: Wincle Waller PALE ALE (Alc.3.8%)

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A pale ale that is a delicious refresher with an enduring appeal.

Style: Pale Ale

Colour: Pale

Alc: 3.8% alc. (2.2UK Units per pint)
Drinking notes: Pale and refreshing with distinctive hop character. A true thirst quencher
Hops: Galena and Celia
Malt: Pale and extra pale
Beerspiration: When a man spends his days creating the lasting legacy of gritstone walled fields you just have to name a beer after him. One of our original beers - almost as enduring as Peter's stone walls 
Allergens: Barley, Wheat


Available in a variety of formats, please contact the brewery for trade prices and delivery options.