A passion for brewing

We are privileged to have a very loyal customer base for our beers. This is not something that we take lightly - there is still intense competition in this sector that was embryonic 13 years ago when we started out. Now with the added complexity of a global pandemic; we, like all other breweries, have had to rethink our strategy andĀ purpose in order bluntly, to ensure survival.

We have always prided ourselves on the quality of our product and our levels of customer service. Coupling this withĀ sourcing the best ingredients and using the best techniques and practiceĀ across everything that we do; we have consistently worked through the pandemic to ensure that not only are we still here but we are consistently improving.Ā 

Over the lastĀ 10 months we have:

Launched a new e-commerce site with national delivery serviceĀ 
Launched a FREE local delivery service and click and collect
Finally brewed our passion project: A traditional Helles style lager
DevelopedĀ 6 new seasonal alesĀ 
Maintained our brewing levels with volumes moving between cask and bottles
Supported our trade hospitality partners with payment options
Maintained our employment levels with all staff returning to work

So, whilst the Wincle Beer brand isĀ more traditional than some in its styles; innovation is clearly at the heart of what we do; and what we will continue to do to keep the brand and business moving forward. Thank you for all that you do - be it as a customer, a consumer or just a reader of these words, to keep us going. With a local workforce it makes the world of difference to us all.

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