The fact is we’re ‘mooving’ into compost production and we’ll be beefing up our recipe with all things natural that come from the farm next door.

Every week we produce an abundance of spent hops at the brewery. So rather than letting them go to waste we’ve decided to turn them into compost. The experiment will take place right here, just around the corner from the brewery. If all goes to plan we’ll be giving away the nutrient-rich compost to use in your garden this summer.

Good soil makes better growing conditions for stronger, healthy plants and bigger, brighter flowers.

The hops themselves make a great garden mulch to keep down the weeds. Once composted they add humus to the soil and help retain moisture while improving the soil structure too.

With the addition of muck from the farm, which includes something from the ducks that already eat our spent grain, we’ll also be boosting the nitrogen content – that’s good for your plants.

The project will get underway in the next week or so. We’ll let you know when the compost is ready. If you’d like some of our old grain sacks in which to transport the compost back home – you’re welcome to some of those as well.

All in all, we’re pretty excited about this project and look forward to putting these waste products to a good and eco-friendly use.

Happy gardening!


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