Now is the time to enjoy a drink at the brewery tap. Before the autumn equinox and the season officially changes.

Brewery Tap Night

First Friday of every month

Open 5:30 pm until close

Tonight we’ve two very special offerings for you to enjoy. We’ve got the launch of Full Fat, our latest seasonal beer. This 4.6% ABV milk porter gives a big hit of chocolate with

hints of treacle & liquorice in its flavour.

There will be some great food with a delicious Nepalese curry to help stave off any nip off autumn in the air.

So, with a well-stocked bar, food,  and a good mix of friends and friendly folk it all looks set to be a great night at the tap. Who knows, we might even have to light the fire!

We do hope you’ll join us.

More about autumn

There are two separate dates that are said to mark the start of autumn.

The autumn equinox 2018 falls on Sunday 23 September

The meteorological autumn began on 01 September.

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