Picture of man asleep in a chair

Picture of man asleep in a chair

No matter how hard we plan and promise ourselves to do better this year, some of us are still procrastinating over Christmas.

It’s said that 12 million Britons will be out panic buying this weekend and about one-quarter of shoppers will be looking for last minute inspiration!

Well, sit back and relax, we’ve got it covered.

Christmas opening hours at the brewery shop

Open every day up to and including Christmas Eve: 10.00am ‘til 4.30pm

27th December up to and including New Year’s Eve: 10.00am ‘til 4.30pm

From bottles and gift packs to mini-kegs, party supplies and gift vouchers- we’ve got it all.

Now, let’s relax and hope for a fresh flurry of snow and a fresh nip of winter in the air. It’s all starting to look like a lot of fun. And a great time to enjoy a drop of your favourite beer!

Have a good one!

Picture of Wincle's 4 bottle box with Christmas ribbon