Picture of Russian skyline with bottle of wincle beer

Picture of Russian skyline with bottle of wincle beer

This month we’ve brought a much-revered style of beer up to date with a test brew of Wincle’s own interpretation of an Imperial Russian Stout.

Often regarded as the king of stouts, these high ABV beers were originally brewed to win over the Russian Tsars.

Initially, we’re piloting just one cask of this deeply rich, 8.0% beer which is now on draught at the brewery shop. If all goes to plan the imperial stout will be included in our calendar of seasonal ales in bottle and cask next year.

The release will coincidently mark the 100th anniversary of the untimely death of Nicholas II – the last Emperor of Russia.

So, if you’ve never tried an imperial stout before, fancy being amongst the first to taste this brew, or want to pay your respects to Nicholas II then head on down to the brewery while stocks last.

We would love to know what you think and this will help us to fine-tune the recipe ahead of the full brew next year.

See you soon!