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For one day only, we’re closing the shop and tap

It’s not very often that we close the shop.

Brewery shop closed

Saturday 8th September

For one day only though we’re shutting the doors while Giles slips out to marry Sonia. It all looks set to be a fabulous day with everyone from the Wincle Beer Co. there to join in the celebrations.

The good news is that we’ll be open again on Sunday when the beer will flow as usual.

Thanks for your patience.

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RAF Dakota to recognise Wincle Beer Co. with an official flypast

Flags will be flying and Wincle brewery will be dressed in bunting this weekend when an RAF Dakota makes an official flypast.

The Dakota will fly over the brewery on Saturday 25th August at 3:04 pm.

The flypast is a huge honour in recognition of the Wincle Beer Co. teaming up with the Royal British Legion to raise funds for their local Poppy Appeal. The flight also marks the 100th anniversary of the RAF.

Giles Meadows, head brewer at Wincle said: “Everybody is welcome at the brewery on Saturday to come and see the plane as it passes overhead. We’ll also have a sneak preview and first tasting of Standard Bearer, our a 4.0% ABV remembrance ale, which we will be launching in cask and bottle this year to raise funds for the Royal British Legion.

This will help fund the work of providing lifelong support for the Armed Forces community – serving men and women, veterans, and their families.”

To find out more about the Wincle Beer Co. or to become a stockist of Standard Bearer please contact the brewery:

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New cellar equipment ensures the perfect pint at the tap

Here in Wincle, we want every pint poured at the brewery tap to be served in perfect condition.

That’s why we’ve just commissioned brand-new cellar equipment, with a state-of-the-art cooler, to ensure there’ll be no disappointment.

We put a great deal of work and affection into the brewing of our beers. This new dispense equipment will now ensure that no matter how hot or cold the outside temperature, every pint that we pour will be just perfect. That’s‎ ‎12℃ for cask and a very refreshing ‎4℃ for our own keg beers.

From the three hand pumps, we’ll be serving our seasonal beer Ratter this weekend along with Sir Philip and our commemorative Standard Bearer. While the keg line will feature Wincle’s own Czech Pilsner.

So, if you’re passing our way, or looking for a good reason to get out of the house, then please call in and be amongst the first to try it out and we’ll be delighted to serve you.


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We are celebrating with a new range of full-strength premium beers

Our new, 8.5% ABV Abbey Ale follows a long and proud tradition of beer being brewed in Wincle.

This is, in fact, one of four, premium, full-strength beers to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Wincle Beer Co. The inspiration for Abbey Ale comes from a brewing history in the village that goes back around one thousand years when Cistercian monks were fermenting their own supplies.

We’ll never know quite what kind of beer the monks we drinking, but we do hope they’d approve of what we’ve now done.

Like each of our four premium beers, Abbey Ale is bottle conditioned and comes in a distinctive 330ml bottle. The first delivery was received at the brewery this week and is in the shop now.

Dark amber in colour and with a smooth, rich, malty flavour – it’s not to be missed!

So, if you fancy a tipple then why not call in to see us.

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One week to go – Wincle Beer Festival next weekend



The bands are booked and we’ve ordered the beer.

Wincle Beer Festival

29-30 June 2018

Foot stomping should be the order of the day when our first band kicks off next Friday evening.

We have a wonderful and eclectic mix of live performances lined-up. It’s a real mix of styles and genres with everything from Irish folk, through to blues and our not to be missed headline band – the River Chickens.

As with any festival, it’s all about the people and the atmosphere. And we think that Wincle’s combination of distinctive rural fun is just about the bee’s knees.

The beer will be flowing. There will also be a range of gin, wine, Prosecco, cider and soft drinks. Not to mention some finger licking good food to keep us all going.

Here ‘s the line-up

Friday: Music from 6:00 pm

Murphy’s Marbles

Riverside Blues Band

Saturday: Music all afternoon and into the evening

Squeezy Pete and his band

Josh’s Band

Silver Back

Black Cat Blues

River Chickens

So, why not make your plans, put a little time aside and join us on the field for what promises to be a fantastic festival for all the family.

We’d love to see you here.


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Just two weeks to Wincle Beer Festival – make your plans and arrange your transport

The lure of great music, good food and the fantastic beer seems irresistible. And, being in what has to be the most idyllic locations in the country, Wincle has certainly found favor with those who appreciate the simple joys of summer.

Wincle Beer Festival

29-30 June 2018

The momentum is building and the campsite is now fully booked for our festival weekend.

We’ve been inundated this year by good folk who want to come and camp for Wincle’s annual weekend of beer and fun on the field. The response has been tremendous and now all of the pitches are gone. But, while we don’t have space for any more tents, there’ll still be lots to enjoy and plenty of beer for everyone who comes along.

We may not be as big or famous as Glastonbury Festival. But 2018 is a ‘fallow’ year for them, so perhaps it’s a good job we’ve planned for our festival to be the best yet.

If the past few weeks are anything to go by the weather is going to be just perfect. But, rain or shine, we think we’ve now got everything covered and we can’t wait to get things started.

Bar opening times

Friday:          5:00 pm-midnight

Saturday       Midday – midnight

Watch out for more details to follow next week.

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Wincle Beer Co. can help your garden bloom

The fact is we’re ‘mooving’ into compost production and we’ll be beefing up our recipe with all things natural that come from the farm next door.

Every week we produce an abundance of spent hops at the brewery. So rather than letting them go to waste we’ve decided to turn them into compost. The experiment will take place right here, just around the corner from the brewery. If all goes to plan we’ll be giving away the nutrient-rich compost to use in your garden this summer.

Good soil makes better growing conditions for stronger, healthy plants and bigger, brighter flowers.

The hops themselves make a great garden mulch to keep down the weeds. Once composted they add humus to the soil and help retain moisture while improving the soil structure too.

With the addition of muck from the farm, which includes something from the ducks that already eat our spent grain, we’ll also be boosting the nitrogen content – that’s good for your plants.

The project will get underway in the next week or so. We’ll let you know when the compost is ready. If you’d like some of our old grain sacks in which to transport the compost back home – you’re welcome to some of those as well.

All in all, we’re pretty excited about this project and look forward to putting these waste products to a good and eco-friendly use.

Happy gardening!


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