Picture of Wincle Hop Series No.7 Pump clip

Picture of Wincle Hop Series No.7 Pump clip

This month’s special offering from the Wincle Beer Co. is bursting with the flavour of tropical fruit. No: 7 is the latest in our range of single, English hopped beers and will be available throughout August.

As you would expect the tropical flavour is not native to Wincle, but instead is derived from the Olicana hops that we brew from.

For those who are interested, the British Hop Association describe the hop as having a complex bittering characteristic with citrus and tropical fruit. And a flavour intensity of 8/10.

For those who are less well acquainted with hops, we can tell you that No: 7 is a wonderfully refreshing summer ale with the taste of mango, grapefruit and passion fruit.

This 4.1% ABV beer will be available in good pubs during August. We’ll also have a steady supply on tap at the brewery where you’re welcome to come enjoy our beer garden and beautiful surroundings. We hope to see you soon.

More facts about the Olicana hop.

Olicana® is from the Charles Faram Hop development program.

Alpha acid: 6-9%

Beta acid: 4-6%

Co-Humulone: 28-32%

Total Oils: 0.5%

Myrcene: 19.5%

Humulene: 8.6%

Farnesene: Trace