Picture of Indian Runner Pump Clip

Picture of Indian Runner Pump Clip

It’s always exciting when we brew a new beer here in Wincle. So, having just produced our fastest selling beer ever we’re pretty chuffed with what we’ve done.

We spend a great deal of time working on new recipes and selecting the best ingredients. But it’s not until you, our customers, sip the first pint that we really know if we’ve got it just right.

Our latest brew is quite literally a runaway success though. It took just five days to clear stocks of the first batch of Indian Runner. Now our brewers are back at the mashing tun and working like quackers to get more supplies out to the pubs.

Indian Runner is the third in our series of seasonal beers this year. It takes its quirky name from the Indian runner ducks that feed each day on the spent grain outside the brewery door.

The 4.1% ABV session IPA is brewed with all-British hops.

The zesty beer has a tang of grapefruit and lime in its flavour.

Fresh supplies will be delivered to your favourite pubs very soon. Or you might like to call in at the brewery for a hand pulled pint.  You’ll be welcome to enjoy Indian Runner next to our log burning stove or out in the beer garden where you can meet the ducks.

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