Picture of a stock of Wincle's Hop series No.2 - Jester

Picture of a stock of Wincle's Hop series No.2 - Jester

The idea of supporting English hop growers has struck a chord amongst beer drinkers. That’s why we are now putting our all-English single hop beers into bottles.

We had a hunch that the single hop theme would find favour with those looking for something authentically English while supporting our domestic growers. We haven’t been disappointed, and since launching the first in the series of twelve, the beers have been going down a storm.

It soon became apparent that as well as in cask there is demand for bottles. So, after quickly selling out of our first batch we’ve now committed to bottling a limited run of each of the twelve brews as they are launched throughout the year.

Our beer for March is brewed from Jester hops. The 3.9% ABV traditional session ale has notes of grapefruit, lychees, and blackcurrant.

Limited stock is still in the brewery shop, our regular farmers markets and at the following outlets. But hurry, because when it’s gone it’s gone:

Portland Wine Co.

Sutton General Stores

Biggin Hall

Cloud Wine

Cheshire Cat Deli

Glebe Farm

Hartington Stores

Hartington Cheese and Wine Co.

Eyam Real Ale Shop

Beer Emporium Ltd

Leek Wine Shop

Bottle Lab

Chester Beer and Wine

Chinley Cheese

Pavilion Gardens

Things have moved on a-pace since the early days of bottled beer.

In 1615, housewife brewers were advised that when bottling ale “you should put it into round bottles with narrow mouths, and then, stopping them close with corks, set them in a cold cellar up to the waist in sand, and be sure that the corks be fast tied with strong pack thread, for fear of rising out and taking vent, which is the utter spoil of the ale.”

Thankfully things have progressed a little since then. But if you would like to read a little more then follow this link.