Picture of James Gilman, shepherd

Picture of James Gilman, shepherd

Competitors from all over England converged at Macclesfield this week for the National Sheepdog Trails – a tradition that goes back to the 1920s. The winners will go onto the National Championship.

As an avid supporter of country traditions and local activities, it seemed appropriate that the Wincle Beer Co. should be there too. There’s lots to do with a craft fair and fell race for those who have the energy.

We can think of nothing better though than sitting back in the sun with a bottle of your favourite beer while the dogs do all the running. So if it sounds like your kind of thing then rest assured that supplies of our bottled beers are plentiful and you can get your hands on our Summer Lass too.

The trials run from Thursday 6th to Saturday 8th August.

Venue: Sutton Hall, Macclesfield, Cheshire  SK11 7TX

Everyone is welcome to the Trials. Bring your well-behaved dogs on leads please.

Find out more: http://www.macclesfieldsheepdogtrials.co.uk/index.html