Q. What do Wincle and the Swiss Alps have in common?

A. Ice Cream

The delicious Big Brown Cow Ice Cream now served in our shop is produced from a heard of Swiss Brown cows. We can think of nowhere better to enjoys the taste than sitting out in our sun-drenched beer garden this weekend.

The Brown Swiss originated on the slopes of the Alps in Switzerland; because they were bred in this harsh climate, they are resistant to the heat and cold. Though the heard that produce this ice cream live somewhat closer to home.

The ice cream is from Buttertons Lane Farm near Haslington, Crewe. The farm operates Natural England’s Highest Level of Stewardship to produce the best quality products.

The values of the farm fit in nicely with our own. And the strong link to the land will no doubt resonate with anybody who chooses to relax and enjoy the taste surrounded by our beautiful rural landscape.

So, why not treat yourself and head on down to the brewery while the good weather lasts. You won’t be disappointed!

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