Picture of Robert Burns brewing his 100 year anniversary beer

Picture of Robert Burns brewing his 100 year anniversary beer

Beer rather than Champagne will be the drink of choice when Burns Garages celebrate one hundred years of trading in Congleton.

The idea was brewed up by Robert Burns who now manages the Ford dealership on Canal Street. His great grandfather Robbie Burns started the business in 1918.

Robert said: “I wanted something unique and memorable that customers would take away and enjoy to mark the year of celebration, and so decided to brew our own beer.”

Taking a hands-on approach Robert teamed up with the local Wincle Beer Co. to develop their special batch of 4.0 % ABV Centenary Beer. He even spent a day in Wincle and worked with the craft brewer to help with the mashing, boiling and pitching before fermenting and bottling got underway.

“A day at the brewery was a fantastic experience as head brewer Giles Meadows shared his enthusiasm and knowledge. He also branded the beer ‘Burns 100’ for us and created our very own label with our logo and an early photo of the Congleton business, which will be seen by all of our customers.”

Along with the beer, Burns Garages have a number of activities in the pipeline, including a rally for Model T owners to help Robert, his team and customers to celebrate their heritage during 2018.

Burns 100 centenary beer