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Tap Night – first Friday of every month

Our brand new seasonal beer and a great offering of spectacular food will take centre stage at tomorrow’s Brewery Tap Night.

Brewery Tap Night

First Friday of every month

Open 5:30 pm until close

‘Ratter’ came on stream this week as our seasonal offering for July and August. This is a pale and light, 4.3% ABV summer wheat beer. Easy-drinking Ratter is perfectly in tune with the hot, dry start to summer with plenty of fruit character coming through from the Olicana and Hallautau Blanc hops.

To complement our delicious beer, we’ll be enhancing the evening of sun at the brewery with paella and Sangria from around 6:30 pm.

Coming hot on the heels of last week’s festival it looks like everything is stacking up for another fab night in Wincle.

We do hope you’ll join us.

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Fabulous ice cream, just perfect for a hot weekend in Wincle

Q. What do Wincle and the Swiss Alps have in common?

A. Ice Cream

The delicious Big Brown Cow Ice Cream now served in our shop is produced from a heard of Swiss Brown cows. We can think of nowhere better to enjoys the taste than sitting out in our sun-drenched beer garden this weekend.

The Brown Swiss originated on the slopes of the Alps in Switzerland; because they were bred in this harsh climate, they are resistant to the heat and cold. Though the heard that produce this ice cream live somewhat closer to home.

The ice cream is from Buttertons Lane Farm near Haslington, Crewe. The farm operates Natural England’s Highest Level of Stewardship to produce the best quality products.

The values of the farm fit in nicely with our own. And the strong link to the land will no doubt resonate with anybody who chooses to relax and enjoy the taste surrounded by our beautiful rural landscape.

So, why not treat yourself and head on down to the brewery while the good weather lasts. You won’t be disappointed!

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Arrowhead found in tree

Picture of old arrowhead

Wincle's new bar

The 1700’s were busy times in Britain. Bonnie Prince Charlie came and went, the Newcomen steam engine was invented and a small acorn began to grow in Swythamley Woods.


The prince certainly made his mark in history and Newcomen revolutionised mining. His atmospheric engine was the first to pump water out from mineshafts deep below the ground. Meanwhile, the acorn steadily grew.


In Wincle though, the big story is the mighty oak that grew in the woods. It is, in fact, that same tree from which our beautiful new bar top has just been fashioned.


The tree was felled around ten years ago and the timber has been seasoning in a barn ever since. It is now as hard as steel and makes a fabulous showpiece on which to serve our beer.


What we really like though is the fact that something hard was struck when the tree was felled by the saw.

Picture of old arrowhead

On close examination, an iron arrowhead was dug out from between the grain.

This was subsequently dated to the 1700s and so was most likely shot from a bow when the prince was in his prime.



More about the 1700s

1702   William III died and was succeeded by Anne.

1704   Gibraltar was captured by a combined Dutch and English fleet under the command of Admiral of the Fleet George Rooke.

1707   The Kingdom of Great Britain came into being.

1744    An attempted French invasion of southern England was stopped by storms.

1755    Samuel Johnson published his A Dictionary of the English Language.

1775    American War of Independence begins.

1779    The world’s first iron bridge was built in Shropshire.

1783    American War of Independence ends with Treaty of Paris.

The festivities may be over but the good will continues

Wincle School in the snow

Wincle School in the snow

Friends, family and neighbours all came together to sing while they also dug deep to support two very deserving causes.

As a result of everybody’s generosity the money will now be given away as donations.

Close to home £165 will be given to Wincle C of E Primary School where the plan is to buy new books for the library. While further afield the same amount will go to support Cancer Research UK.

We would like to thank everybody who helped make this possible and we hope you enjoyed the evening with music, mulled wine and mince pies as much as we did.

Best wishes

The brewery team.

Happy New Year!

Wishing all our customers a great night of celebrations tonight and a very happy and prosperous 2016!
Please note that the shop is closed tomorrow (New Years Day); but JW of ‘Butchered’ brown ale fame is back at the helm on Saturday 2nd January for those of you that fancy a stroll and a tipple with the man himself.


Don’t run dry before New Year

Picture of Wincle beer barrel set up for a party


Picture of Wincle beer barrel set up for a party

It was the Dogs Trust that coined the slogan – ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.’

Here at the Wincle Beer Co. we wholeheartedly agree, and so does Molly our brewery hound.

‘Not just for Christmas’ is our philosophy for making merry and enjoying good beer too. So whether you choose to stay in, have friends round or go out partying – make sure you don’t run dry.

Be it bottles, 18 or 36 pint boxes or a nine gallon cask we’re open over the holiday and here to keep you stocked-up for the party season.

Our Christmas shop opening hours are:

Until 23 December               10:00 – 4:30 each day

24 December                        8:00 – 12:00

28, 29, 30 & 31 December  10:00 – 4:00

New Year’s Day                   Closed

2 January onwards              10:00 – 4:30

Why not pop in?

Vintage Wassail – a limited Christmas treat!

Picture of three people making a toast in front of a roaring fire

Picture of three people making a toast in front of a roaring fire

Feasting and making merry at Christmas has been around for centuries.

What has changed though is where you get your beer from.

Here at the Wincle Beer Co. we’ve not only got a very special brew to add some yuletide festive cheer. But while stocks last we’ve made sure that your nearest supply is never far away.

However, bottles of our Wassale are in limited supply and moving very quickly.

As ever the brewery shop is a great place to stock-up on the warming 8.0% ABV brew. Or to find your nearest retailer why not look on our new web-based local store guide.

Over the coming weekend we’ll also be attending Northwich Artisan Market on Saturday 12th December and then Chesterfield Artisan Market on the Sunday 13th.

Of course, you can also acquire the vintage treat online to have deliveries made direct to your door.

Available for a limited period only, Wassale is brewed to a celebration strength with the dark, rich and spicy flavour of Christmas. Not to be missed.

Also available in cask at 4.0% ABV from good pubs now.

Beater is back

Picture of Lee the gamekeeper at White Lee pheasant shoot

Picture of Lee the beater and his dog

This year’s brew of Beater gets underway at the Wincle Beer Co. today.

It’s now the third season for this annual treat and a great time to celebrate the countryside and all that it produces. Few people know this better than Lee our local gamekeeper who inspired this fabulous ale.

It’s the oak smoked barley malt that gives the 4.6% ABV autumnal beer its distinctive richness. And as Lee would no doubt tell you there’s nothing more satisfying after a hard day’s beating in the cold than a pint of rich, warming ale.

We reckon we’ve got the recipe bang on too as Beater sold out in record time the first year we brewed. Since then we’ve increased production so stocks should last a little longer.

So look out for Beater on tap in your favourite pub from early November. Or pick up a bottle from selected shops.

Of course you’re also welcome to call at the brewery where we’ll be happy to keep you supplied.


Picture of Pub Landlord Will Howard and brewer Giles Meadows outside the Laxy Trout at Meerbrook, Staffordshire

Picture of Pub Landlord Will Howard and brewer Giles Meadows outside the Laxy Trout at Meerbrook, Staffordshire

A special brew of Wincle beer and the good will of customers at the Lazy Trout, Meerbrook has raised funds to rebuild a school in Nepal. The sell-out idea was the brainchild of licensee Will Howard following the region’s devastating earthquake in April this year.

Will, 32 said: “I first became involved with the region while studying for my ‘A’ Levels in 2000. As part of a school expedition from Sheffield we visited the area. The experience inspired our group to raise enough money when we returned home to build the original school, but in April it was very badly damaged by the earthquake.

Following Will’s initial fund raising efforts, which included a parachute jump, the licensee is now back in touch with his old mates to rebuild the facility.

Having always maintained his links with what had grown to become recognised as one of the top schools in Kathmandu, Will and his wife, Clare had even spent a month teaching there in 2009 prior to taking over at the Lazy Trout.

To help re-establish the school the Wincle Beer Co. donated a barrel of beer, the sale price of which went directly to help fund the build.

With the support of everybody at the pub, every penny raised by the light refreshing beer will make a significant contribution to the project.

Giles Meadows, head brewer at the Wincle Beer Co. said: “The damage caused by the earthquake, measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale was devastating. Many of the pupils and their families fled the area. I am delighted that we have been able to help give them back their school to attract the young people back into their village with the opportunity for a good education.”

The beer, which has been aptly named Peace Garden is a 4.8% ABV pale ale sold out within days of going on sale.

Join us Friday next week for a night at the brewery tap

Picture of pint of beer on Wincle brewery bar

Picture of pint of beer on Wincle brewery bar

How does an evening at the brewery, a great selection of beer and free food sound?

Well, that’s exactly what will be on offer when we throw open the doors for a night at Wincle’s brewery tap next week.

On Friday 16th October we’ll have a mouth watering line-up of beer and a fine selection of local gin along with some delicious wine and draught cider. We’ll also be providing a complimentary meat and cheese board.

Along with a pre-season tasting of this year’s vintage Wassale it all promises to add up to a great night at the tap.

We hope you can join us – doors open at 7.00pm