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Save the date – we’ve started planning next year’s beer festival

Five thousand pints, four hundred campers, and a record turnout. What a festival it was and so much fun and laughter on the field.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without you all, our friends. Plus, the army of volunteers who work so hard to make it all possible. So, it’s a great big thank you to you all.

It was, without doubt, our biggest and best festival yet. Which was in no small part helped on by the most fantastic weather. We also hope you made the most of the brilliant catering, along with the most magnificent music.

Once again, the tug of war proved popular. But try as we might to keep the winning title local, it was, in the end, the Baa-Baas from Inverness who finished triumphantly.

All-in-all it sure was thirsty work. A point proved by the fact that you drank the bar dry late on Saturday. No doubt we’ll be ordering even more beer next time around.

So, if you enjoyed it this year. Or you couldn’t make it, but like the sound of what you hear, then save the date and we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Put the date in your diary.

Wincle Beer Festival 2019

28-29 June

Thanks, and enjoy the summer.


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Wincle Beer Festival STARTS TONIGHT

Wincle beer festival and camping

Happy beer drinkers

That’s it – the countdown is over; the planning is done and the fun starts tonight.

Wincle Beer Festival THIS WEEKEND

Friday: bar opens 6:00 – midnight

Saturday: Midday – midnight

We have seven brilliant bands playing live over the weekend, some fabulous food and of course a vast array of beautiful beer.

It’s going to be just perfect!

Each year the festival has grown. Word has spread quickly about just how good and how much fun a day in Wincle can be. For those who don’t already know our festival is in the field, right outside the brewery door and nestled in the most beautiful countryside to be found.

This year promises to be special though. It’s our tenth anniversary and the forecast is for a full weekend of none stop sunshine.

So’ make your plans, arrange your transport and we hope to see you very soon.


The campsite has been fully booked for weeks now and we just can’t squeeze any more tenets on the field – sorry.

And please DON’T drink and drive!

Wincle Beer Festival – get ready for Friday

What are you doing at the weekend? Are you coming to the festival?

Wincle Beer Festival

29-30 June 2018

There is now less than a week to run before Wincle beer festival gets underway. The anticipation is building, the marquee will soon be up and folk will then descend for a fab few days of merrymaking and fun.

The festivities are all the more poignant for us this year. They mark our 10th-anniversary celebration and we can think of no better way to enjoy it than a sun-drenched weekend with you – our friends!

This quintessentially English fixture has grown over the past few years and is now a regular favourite for many people. They tell us that it’s the best place around to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, live music, and a great offering of fine beers, a well-stocked bar, and wonderful food.

Of course, it just wouldn’t be the same without our enigmatic location. We’re blessed to be nestled here on the edge of the Peak District and on the bank of the River Dane.

So, old friends and new – you are all welcome.

The fun starts on Friday evening at 6.00pm until late. And then again on Saturday around midday.

We can’t wait to get started.


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One week to go – Wincle Beer Festival next weekend



The bands are booked and we’ve ordered the beer.

Wincle Beer Festival

29-30 June 2018

Foot stomping should be the order of the day when our first band kicks off next Friday evening.

We have a wonderful and eclectic mix of live performances lined-up. It’s a real mix of styles and genres with everything from Irish folk, through to blues and our not to be missed headline band – the River Chickens.

As with any festival, it’s all about the people and the atmosphere. And we think that Wincle’s combination of distinctive rural fun is just about the bee’s knees.

The beer will be flowing. There will also be a range of gin, wine, Prosecco, cider and soft drinks. Not to mention some finger licking good food to keep us all going.

Here ‘s the line-up

Friday: Music from 6:00 pm

Murphy’s Marbles

Riverside Blues Band

Saturday: Music all afternoon and into the evening

Squeezy Pete and his band

Josh’s Band

Silver Back

Black Cat Blues

River Chickens

So, why not make your plans, put a little time aside and join us on the field for what promises to be a fantastic festival for all the family.

We’d love to see you here.


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Just two weeks to Wincle Beer Festival – make your plans and arrange your transport

The lure of great music, good food and the fantastic beer seems irresistible. And, being in what has to be the most idyllic locations in the country, Wincle has certainly found favor with those who appreciate the simple joys of summer.

Wincle Beer Festival

29-30 June 2018

The momentum is building and the campsite is now fully booked for our festival weekend.

We’ve been inundated this year by good folk who want to come and camp for Wincle’s annual weekend of beer and fun on the field. The response has been tremendous and now all of the pitches are gone. But, while we don’t have space for any more tents, there’ll still be lots to enjoy and plenty of beer for everyone who comes along.

We may not be as big or famous as Glastonbury Festival. But 2018 is a ‘fallow’ year for them, so perhaps it’s a good job we’ve planned for our festival to be the best yet.

If the past few weeks are anything to go by the weather is going to be just perfect. But, rain or shine, we think we’ve now got everything covered and we can’t wait to get things started.

Bar opening times

Friday:          5:00 pm-midnight

Saturday       Midday – midnight

Watch out for more details to follow next week.

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Get ready for Wincle Beer Festival – four weeks to go

The countdown is underway and it is now just four weeks until Wincle Beer Festival.

Wincle Beer Festival

29-30 June 2018

Each year we plan for things to be better than before. This year we’ve invested in making the festival experience the best yet with an all-weather marque. That means, rain or shine, nothing will stop the beer flowing.

Leaving nothing to chance we tested out the ‘beer tent; at Wincle Fete last weekend. It is safe to say that things are now really coming together.

  • Great beer
  • Good music
  • Fantastic food
  • Fun on the field
  • Camping

As ever we’ll be offering a great family experience in a beautiful, riverside location, right outside the brewery doors. With a huge range of beers to add a little fun to the weekend.

So, if you haven’t done so already, mark the date in your diary and we hope you’ll come and join us.


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Join us at the brewery tap

Picture of kebabs from the barbecue

Picture of kebabs from the barbecue

It’s that time again. Time to unwind, start the weekend and relax with a well-earned pint at the brewery tap.

Brewery Tap Night

First Friday of every month

Open 5:30 pm until close

This month we plan on making the most of the unseasonably good weather.

So, in addition to the usual offering of Wincle’s best beer. We’ll be heading outdoors, firing up the barbeque and tapping our feet to some fabulous tunes.

The music will come courtesy of Squeezy Pete and his band. They will be setting the rustic scene with traditional English folk music.

Meanwhile, we’ll be continuing what is fast becoming a regular culinary fixture. This month we’re offering a choice of Sirloin steak or halloumi and peppers on the barbeque. Of course, there will be all the usual breads, onions, mustard and relish too.

Our brilliant Indian Runner, seasonal 4.1% IPA will be on tap along with a selection of our regular brands. There’ll also be wine, cider, gin and Prosecco to add to the fun.

If all goes to plan it’s going to be another great night at the brewery with a combination of food, music and good company. And of course, good beer.

We do hope you’ll join us.

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Wincle Beer Co. can help your garden bloom

The fact is we’re ‘mooving’ into compost production and we’ll be beefing up our recipe with all things natural that come from the farm next door.

Every week we produce an abundance of spent hops at the brewery. So rather than letting them go to waste we’ve decided to turn them into compost. The experiment will take place right here, just around the corner from the brewery. If all goes to plan we’ll be giving away the nutrient-rich compost to use in your garden this summer.

Good soil makes better growing conditions for stronger, healthy plants and bigger, brighter flowers.

The hops themselves make a great garden mulch to keep down the weeds. Once composted they add humus to the soil and help retain moisture while improving the soil structure too.

With the addition of muck from the farm, which includes something from the ducks that already eat our spent grain, we’ll also be boosting the nitrogen content – that’s good for your plants.

The project will get underway in the next week or so. We’ll let you know when the compost is ready. If you’d like some of our old grain sacks in which to transport the compost back home – you’re welcome to some of those as well.

All in all, we’re pretty excited about this project and look forward to putting these waste products to a good and eco-friendly use.

Happy gardening!


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Fabulous ice cream, just perfect for a hot weekend in Wincle

Q. What do Wincle and the Swiss Alps have in common?

A. Ice Cream

The delicious Big Brown Cow Ice Cream now served in our shop is produced from a heard of Swiss Brown cows. We can think of nowhere better to enjoys the taste than sitting out in our sun-drenched beer garden this weekend.

The Brown Swiss originated on the slopes of the Alps in Switzerland; because they were bred in this harsh climate, they are resistant to the heat and cold. Though the heard that produce this ice cream live somewhat closer to home.

The ice cream is from Buttertons Lane Farm near Haslington, Crewe. The farm operates Natural England’s Highest Level of Stewardship to produce the best quality products.

The values of the farm fit in nicely with our own. And the strong link to the land will no doubt resonate with anybody who chooses to relax and enjoy the taste surrounded by our beautiful rural landscape.

So, why not treat yourself and head on down to the brewery while the good weather lasts. You won’t be disappointed!

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Our brewers are going quackers in Wincle

Picture of Indian Runner Pump Clip

Picture of Indian Runner Pump Clip

It’s always exciting when we brew a new beer here in Wincle. So, having just produced our fastest selling beer ever we’re pretty chuffed with what we’ve done.

We spend a great deal of time working on new recipes and selecting the best ingredients. But it’s not until you, our customers, sip the first pint that we really know if we’ve got it just right.

Our latest brew is quite literally a runaway success though. It took just five days to clear stocks of the first batch of Indian Runner. Now our brewers are back at the mashing tun and working like quackers to get more supplies out to the pubs.

Indian Runner is the third in our series of seasonal beers this year. It takes its quirky name from the Indian runner ducks that feed each day on the spent grain outside the brewery door.

The 4.1% ABV session IPA is brewed with all-British hops.

The zesty beer has a tang of grapefruit and lime in its flavour.

Fresh supplies will be delivered to your favourite pubs very soon. Or you might like to call in at the brewery for a hand pulled pint.  You’ll be welcome to enjoy Indian Runner next to our log burning stove or out in the beer garden where you can meet the ducks.

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