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Centenary Beer marks 100 years of Burns heritage

Picture of Robert Burns brewing his 100 year anniversary beer

Picture of Robert Burns brewing his 100 year anniversary beer

Beer rather than Champagne will be the drink of choice when Burns Garages celebrate one hundred years of trading in Congleton.

The idea was brewed up by Robert Burns who now manages the Ford dealership on Canal Street. His great grandfather Robbie Burns started the business in 1918.

Robert said: “I wanted something unique and memorable that customers would take away and enjoy to mark the year of celebration, and so decided to brew our own beer.”

Taking a hands-on approach Robert teamed up with the local Wincle Beer Co. to develop their special batch of 4.0 % ABV Centenary Beer. He even spent a day in Wincle and worked with the craft brewer to help with the mashing, boiling and pitching before fermenting and bottling got underway.

“A day at the brewery was a fantastic experience as head brewer Giles Meadows shared his enthusiasm and knowledge. He also branded the beer ‘Burns 100’ for us and created our very own label with our logo and an early photo of the Congleton business, which will be seen by all of our customers.”

Along with the beer, Burns Garages have a number of activities in the pipeline, including a rally for Model T owners to help Robert, his team and customers to celebrate their heritage during 2018.

Burns 100 centenary beer

Meet Elliot – Wincle’s new apprentice

Picture of Elliot, Wincle's new apprentice holding a block of English hops

Picture of Elliot, Wincle's new apprentice holding a block of English hops

Being fully involved in every aspect of brewing is a dream job for Wincle’s new apprentice.

Hops, barley, malt, mashing, boiling and pitching are now in the everyday vocabulary for Elliot Anderson as he gets stuck into the job and works towards an NVQ qualification.

As you’d expect it is a hands-on role, it’s a physical job too, but one with real satisfaction and rewards. Not least is a love for the beer that we brew and picking up some awards along the way too.

For nineteen-year-old Elliot, it’s a great opportunity to get better acquainted with favourites like Wincle Waller, Sir Philip, Rambler and Wibbly Wallaby. But he’s also joining at a very exciting time as we develop next year’s range of seasonal beers – more to follow on this later!

Outside of work, he’s no slouch either. He’s an accomplished DJ with a passion for house and techno. He’s a music producer and hopes to sign up with an established recording label in the next year.

Wincle – blessed to support the poppy appeal

Royal Legion Vicar blessing the brew at Wincle brewery

Royal Legion Vicar blessing the brew at Wincle brewery

The Royal British Legion has teamed up with the Wincle Beer Co. to help raise the profile of a local Poppy Appeal this year.

The Wincle Beer Co. has joined forces with their Hayfield branch to produce Standard Bearer, a 4.0% ABV remembrance ale.

Wincle’s head brewer Giles Meadows said: “. Every cask of the characterful autumnal ale sold will raise at least £10.00 for the Royal British Legion. This will support the work of providing lifelong support for the Armed Forces community – serving men and women, veterans, and their families.”

The timely collaboration will see at least seventy-five casks of the real ale sold during the Legion’s annual Poppy Appeal. This year the appeal runs from Monday 23rd October to Sunday 12th November.

In preparation, the Wincle Beer Co. welcomed the Hayfield branch to the brewery. Their longest serving standard bearer Neil Deuville came with them to have his photograph taken, which now appears on the pump clip.

Branch Chaplin, RAF veteran and vicar of Hayfield, Revd. John Hudghton also joined the party and took the opportunity to bless the brew.

“We are very pleased to help raise vital funding for the Legion in this way. It is also a real pleasure to acknowledge the region’s pubs and their customers for their support. We look forward to presenting a cheque to the Hayfield branch at the end of the appeal,” said Giles.

To find out more about the Wincle Beer Co. or to become a stockist please contact the brewery:


The Russians are coming

Picture of Russian skyline with bottle of wincle beer

Picture of Russian skyline with bottle of wincle beer

This month we’ve brought a much-revered style of beer up to date with a test brew of Wincle’s own interpretation of an Imperial Russian Stout.

Often regarded as the king of stouts, these high ABV beers were originally brewed to win over the Russian Tsars.

Initially, we’re piloting just one cask of this deeply rich, 8.0% beer which is now on draught at the brewery shop. If all goes to plan the imperial stout will be included in our calendar of seasonal ales in bottle and cask next year.

The release will coincidently mark the 100th anniversary of the untimely death of Nicholas II – the last Emperor of Russia.

So, if you’ve never tried an imperial stout before, fancy being amongst the first to taste this brew, or want to pay your respects to Nicholas II then head on down to the brewery while stocks last.

We would love to know what you think and this will help us to fine-tune the recipe ahead of the full brew next year.

See you soon!

English Half Marathon Warrington


Situated as we are in this glorious countryside, we often have runners darting by … some with serious intent of navigating the hills… some less keen on the distance and stopwatch and more interested in the isotonic properties of our beer.

Well, we thought, this is an interesting step in debt / credit mentality and one to be thoroughly applauded. So, being keen to not do things by halves, we have gone for it and are the proud beer suppliers to the English Half Marathon in Warrington on 17th September 2017.

With 5,000 runners expected and a free beer for all finishers it is going to be a thirsty event that’s for sure. How do you fancy running a half marathon, bagging yourself a fabulous medal AND winning a free pint? Contact the brewery for more info if you fancy running in a Wincle Beer T-shirt and raising  funds for charity.

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Three weeks to Wincle Beer Festival

Picture of ceilidh at Wincle beer festival

Picture of ceilidh at Wincle beer festival

We’ve over thirty real beers and cider lined up for this year’s big beer festival, and we’re getting very excited.

Wincle Beer Festival

Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July

The fun gets underway in three weeks’ time with our first ever ceilidh to launch a weekend of merrymaking. We’ll pull the first pint at 6.00pm on the Friday evening, which should get us all nicely warmed up for when the music and dance begins around 8.00.

We’ll also be opening the doors to our new shop for the first time for the festival. For this event though we’ve dedicated it as our sophisticated gin & tonic and Prosecco bar. So come inside, look around and we hope you’ll like what we’ve done.

For our weekend camping guests the field will be open from 5.00pm. So there’s plenty of time to ‘get comfortable’ and pitch your tent. Best of all, after a wonderful night’s sleep, you can look forward to a hearty breakfast at The Ship Inn – before the fun starts again.

Watch this space for more news over the coming weeks. We’ll let you know all about the music line up, how to enter our tug of war contest and finally show you the full list of beer and cider we’ve got at the bar.

See you soon.


Three hundred years in the making, and we’ve made it even better

Picture of pump clip for Wincle's Hop series No.4 - Flyer

Picture of pump clip for Wincle's Hop series No.4 - Flyer

We don’t think that anyone could make a more English beer or improve on our latest brew no matter how hard they tried.

No: 4 in Wincle’s series of all-English single hop beers is a quintessential mild. What’s more we think we’ve elevated this traditional thirst quencher to a new level with a choice of hop that suits it perfectly.

The hop variety is Flyer. This imparts wonderful and satisfying flavours of stoned fruit, liquorice and treacle into the 3.9% alc. dark mild.

In fact we’re so pleased that we’ve hand bottled a very limited run and it’s bottle conditioned to make it extra special too.

In cask you will find stocks in pubs now. Or why not treat yourself to a trip to Macclesfield Beer festival this weekend and make a big occasion of it.

Macclesfield Beer Festival

Friday 5th and Saturday 6th May

Macs Beer Festival Details

More about mild – according to CAMRA

Mild beer is said to have been around since the 17th century.

Milds are black to dark brown to pale amber in colour and come in a variety of styles from warming roasty ales to light refreshing lunchtime thirst quenchers. Malty and possibly sweet tones dominate the flavour profile but there may be a light hop flavour or aroma. Slight diacetyl (toffee/butterscotch) flavours are not inappropriate. Alcohol levels are typically low.

Pale milds tend to have a lighter, more fruity aroma with gentle hoppiness.

Dark milds may have a light roast malt or caramel character in aroma and taste.

Scottish cask beers may have mild characteristics with a dominance of sweetness, smooth body and light bitterness.

Original gravity: less than 1043
Typical alcohol by volume: less than 4.3%
Final gravity 1004 – 1010
Bitterness 14 – 28 EBU

We’re on top of the world with our new shop building

Picture of topping-out ceremony on Wincle's new shop roof

Picture of topping-out ceremony on Wincle's new shop roof

Getting a roof on our new shop has been well worth all the work and planning involved. And what better way to celebrate than a topping out party with a pint or two of Wincle’s very own all-English single hop beer to add cheer to the occasion.

To be fair though, there’s far more or to the project than first meets the eye. And finishing the roof is just the icing on the cake.

Work on the project began at ground level with a new stone flag floor and from there we’ve worked our way up.

Sitting next door to the brewery, the new spacious shop is in a converted stable. So you’ll have more room, more choice and even more fun than buying beer at the supermarket.

The original building did of course need a little updating. Not least for the fact that the door was so low that you had to duck down just to get inside. So we’ve added a little height to the walls which enabled a full height entrance door to be fitted. We’ve also put in more and bigger windows so that we make full use of the natural light and get the benefit of the beautiful views.

The final stage came with the completion of the reclaimed, stone roof and the placing of the ridge tiles. Next week our new log burning stove will arrive which, after another cold winter in the brewery, we are all very much looking forward to.

If all goes to plan, all the internal work and bringing in the stock will be complete and the shop will be ready and open in time for our very own beer festival on 30th June.

So watch this space and you’ll be the first to hear when the shop doors open.

Brewing with our Hop Back – we think the results are brilliant

Picture of Grant using the hop back on our English hop series No.3

Picture of Grant using the hop back on our English hop series No.3

A hoppy flavour and lots of aroma are the characteristics of the latest beer in Wincle’s all English, single hop series.

To impart these delicate qualities we’ve employed the use of a hop back. This traditional technique requires an additional vessel –the hop back – to be deployed between the copper and fermenting vessel.

The hop back comes into its own as the wort is transferred and cools on its way to the fermenter. The use of a hop back is to impart delicate hop oils and aromas that would otherwise be boiled off in the copper. Essentially the hop back is designed to maximise contact between the hops and wort. The enables the transfer of hop oils while little bitterness is added because the wort is not actually boiling.

The hop variety we’ve used are Whitbread Goldings to brew a 4.5% alc. rye beer.

With a spicy, herbal and earthy flavour we think the results are ‘absolutely brilliant’. And hope you will agree.

In cask, the brew is in the pubs now and we’ll be stocking up with bottles at the brewery and our usual outlets this week.

Picture of Hop Series No.3 Pump Clip


Beer brands tap into Wincle’s know-how

picture of brewing team at Wincle Brewery

picture of brewing team at Wincle Brewery

Brewing great beer and winning awards is what we at Wincle are best known for. What is a little known fact though is that we also brew beer for some other very well established names.

Contract brewing, both for established brands and up and coming names, is a growing part of our business, as brand owners choose to tap into what we have rather than make the investment themselves.

To start with, as well as operating from a beautiful, rustic brewery, we have in fact invested in a large capacity and modern plant with quality testing facilities of our own. Then there’s the training, qualifications and years of experience we have to share. So from existing brewers who are looking for more capacity, to artisans who are full of passion but short on kit, Wincle is the place they come to brew their beer.

Over the coming month we’ll be publishing a few more blogs that tell the story about what makes the Wincle Beer Co. different. We aim to show how we are being recognised, how much we invest and put back into the business and just how special our growing team really is.