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Fabulous ice cream, just perfect for a hot weekend in Wincle

Q. What do Wincle and the Swiss Alps have in common?

A. Ice Cream

The delicious Big Brown Cow Ice Cream now served in our shop is produced from a heard of Swiss Brown cows. We can think of nowhere better to enjoys the taste than sitting out in our sun-drenched beer garden this weekend.

The Brown Swiss originated on the slopes of the Alps in Switzerland; because they were bred in this harsh climate, they are resistant to the heat and cold. Though the heard that produce this ice cream live somewhat closer to home.

The ice cream is from Buttertons Lane Farm near Haslington, Crewe. The farm operates Natural England’s Highest Level of Stewardship to produce the best quality products.

The values of the farm fit in nicely with our own. And the strong link to the land will no doubt resonate with anybody who chooses to relax and enjoy the taste surrounded by our beautiful rural landscape.

So, why not treat yourself and head on down to the brewery while the good weather lasts. You won’t be disappointed!

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Our brewers are going quackers in Wincle

Picture of Indian Runner Pump Clip

Picture of Indian Runner Pump Clip

It’s always exciting when we brew a new beer here in Wincle. So, having just produced our fastest selling beer ever we’re pretty chuffed with what we’ve done.

We spend a great deal of time working on new recipes and selecting the best ingredients. But it’s not until you, our customers, sip the first pint that we really know if we’ve got it just right.

Our latest brew is quite literally a runaway success though. It took just five days to clear stocks of the first batch of Indian Runner. Now our brewers are back at the mashing tun and working like quackers to get more supplies out to the pubs.

Indian Runner is the third in our series of seasonal beers this year. It takes its quirky name from the Indian runner ducks that feed each day on the spent grain outside the brewery door.

The 4.1% ABV session IPA is brewed with all-British hops.

The zesty beer has a tang of grapefruit and lime in its flavour.

Fresh supplies will be delivered to your favourite pubs very soon. Or you might like to call in at the brewery for a hand pulled pint.  You’ll be welcome to enjoy Indian Runner next to our log burning stove or out in the beer garden where you can meet the ducks.

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Why not Waddle down to the brewery this Friday night


Come and try our new India Pale Ale (Indian Runner) with a delicious pie from the Chapeau Café

What better way could there be to start a Bank Holiday weekend than with a couple of pints and a delicious pie with good company in a beautiful place?

We think it sounds just perfect!

Brewery Tap Night

First Friday of every month

Open 5:30 pm until close

It won’t just be any ordinary night at the brewery either.

Picture of Indian Runner Pump Clip

We’ll have our brand new 4.1% ABV session IPA on tap – brewed with all-British hops.

The zesty beer has a tang of grapefruit and lime in its flavour. It takes its name Indian Runner, from the ducks that feed outside the brewery on our spent grain each day.

Of course, we’ve got, gin, wine and cider lined-up too.

Delicious pies and peas are coming from the Chapeau Café and Farm Shop at Marton. The chef will be joining us and will be available wax lyrical about the wares from 6.00 pm

To top things off the Met Office is promising good weather. So, we have great expectations of being able to make the most of our beer garden and gazebo in what has to be the most picturesque brewery location in the country.

We do hope you’ll come and join us and if you can’t make it on Friday we’d love to see you any time over the weekend.


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Arrowhead found in tree

Picture of old arrowhead

Wincle's new bar

The 1700’s were busy times in Britain. Bonnie Prince Charlie came and went, the Newcomen steam engine was invented and a small acorn began to grow in Swythamley Woods.


The prince certainly made his mark in history and Newcomen revolutionised mining. His atmospheric engine was the first to pump water out from mineshafts deep below the ground. Meanwhile, the acorn steadily grew.


In Wincle though, the big story is the mighty oak that grew in the woods. It is, in fact, that same tree from which our beautiful new bar top has just been fashioned.


The tree was felled around ten years ago and the timber has been seasoning in a barn ever since. It is now as hard as steel and makes a fabulous showpiece on which to serve our beer.


What we really like though is the fact that something hard was struck when the tree was felled by the saw.

Picture of old arrowhead

On close examination, an iron arrowhead was dug out from between the grain.

This was subsequently dated to the 1700s and so was most likely shot from a bow when the prince was in his prime.



More about the 1700s

1702   William III died and was succeeded by Anne.

1704   Gibraltar was captured by a combined Dutch and English fleet under the command of Admiral of the Fleet George Rooke.

1707   The Kingdom of Great Britain came into being.

1744    An attempted French invasion of southern England was stopped by storms.

1755    Samuel Johnson published his A Dictionary of the English Language.

1775    American War of Independence begins.

1779    The world’s first iron bridge was built in Shropshire.

1783    American War of Independence ends with Treaty of Paris.

Wincle Beer Festival – save the date

Picture of people camping at the 2017 Wincle Beer Festival

Picture of people camping at the 2017 Wincle Beer Festival

Late June might seem a long time off but already plans are well underway for this year’s beer festival.

Wincle Beer Festival

29-30 June 2018

There’s still much to be done to get things underway. We’ve beer to brew, catering to arrange, music to book and so much more to make this festival our best yet.

Already we’re taking bookings from those who want to camp and join us for a full two days of fun and merrymaking. Space is limited though, so if you don’t want to miss out we suggest you get in touch now to book your place on the field.

Book your camping pitch now

Tents £10.00 per night

Campervans £15 per night


Call us on 01260 227 777 for the most idyllic camping and a fantastic festival.

Pitches are available Friday and Saturday night.

More details of the festival will follow.

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Friday musings – Shackleton and Endurance

Yesterday, continuing our theme of allowing Giles to get out more often; we allowed him to stop brewing or delivering for a day and go and take a trip to London. Off he went sandwiches in hand; to visit the Royal Geographical Society’s latest exhibition.

Billed as one of the greatest ever photographic records of human survival on display, he viewed the Enduring Eye: The Antartic legacy of Sir Earnest Shackleton and Frank Hurley. Today, our only trouble is, is that he won’t stop talking about it and now thinks that the cool conditions required to create the perfect beer at the brewery are moderate by comparison. Even our flurry of snow yesterday was little more than an irritant in comparison to the conditions survived by Shackleton and his team in 1914-1917. Apparently.

To be fair he probably has a bit of a point. Today our protection against inclement weather varies from thermals through to high technology breathable fabrics. Not quite the head to toe woollen effect that Shackleton’s men endured. There is a reason that only sheep master that look these days. Enduring temperatures of -60 are also not for the faint hearted; in fact, just looking at the exhibition online at is more than enough to get us donning the hat and gloves!

So aside from the new knowledge that actually the brewery isn’t the coldest place in the world to work, what else have we learnt? Here are some of Giles top facts of the day:

  1. The Endurance Exhibition of 1914 -1917 was not Shackleton’s first crack at getting to the South Pole. In 1907 he headed off on the Nimrod with a certain ‘familiar to these parts’ young man on board called Philip Brocklehurst from the Swythamley estate. Fresh from impressing Shackleton at a boxing match our young Sir Philip joined the expedition as an assistant geologist.
  2. Barely 100 miles from their goal, Shackleton, calculating that to reach their destination would mean that they died of starvation, commanded that they turn back uttering the now infamous line to his wife I thought you would prefer “a live donkey than a dead lion” upon his return to these shores.
  3. Returning as a hero from that exhibition was not enough for Shackleton and “he desperately wanted to have one more go” at ‘securing for the British flag the honour of being the first carried across the South Polar Continent’. He returned to the artic with a crew of 28 men – one of which was a stowaway – and despite the incredibly cruel conditions and diet (raw penguin anyone?) every single man returned alive.
  4. They all had frozen beards and no beer to drink*
  5. The Antartic continent is 1 / 10th of the world’s landmass and is 56 times bigger than the whole of the UK.
  6. Upon the Endurance sinking, Hurley – the official photographer for the exhibition commented “we are homeless and adrift on the free ice”. It is thought that they may have drifted as far as 1000 miles. Finding a land mass becomes the key survival priority.
  7. After reaching Elephant Island dragging 3 boats across the drifting ice behind them; the majority set up camp under the hull of 2 of the boats. The other boat – 22 foot long and open, sets off for South Georgia with Shackleton and 5 others on board, intent on reaching South Georgia and rescue.
  8. Described as one of the greatest feats of navigation and endurance; they arrive in South Georgia whereby Shackleton and 2 others set across the Island on foot to reach the whaling station whereby they could raise help. This had also never been done before. What tremendous feats of endurance indeed.
  9. *not necessarily a top fact for us all, but one that resonates very strongly with some of the (bearded) team, hence the inclusion.
    Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, the 'Endurance' in the Weddel Sea, Antarctica. A winter flashlight photograph showing the huge blocks of ice which threatened to crush her. The ship finally sank on October 27th 1915 after two months of constant pressure from ice floes.

    Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship, the ‘Endurance’ in the Weddel Sea, Antarctica. A winter flashlight photograph showing the huge blocks of ice which threatened to crush her. The ship finally sank on October 27th 1915 after two months of constant pressure from ice floes.

A festive date for your diary


Here at the Wincle Beer Co. we will once again be hosting an annual carol service and we’d love you to join us.

It’s a great time to get together with friends and family as we sing around the mash tun to celebrate Christmas.

There will be complimentary beer flowing, a giant Christmas tree and an ample supply of free mulled wine and mince pies. So we hope that you will come along and help us to support two very deserving causes. This year will be raising funds for Wincle C of E Primary School and Cancer Research UK.

The service will take place on Tuesday 22 December at 7.00pm.

Everybody is welcome.

What will you give your true love for Christmas?

Picture of Wincle's 4 bottle box with Christmas ribbon

Picture of Wincle's 4 bottle box with Christmas ribbon

Three French hens, two turtle doves or a partridge in a pear tree?

Well how about four bottles of Wincle beer? At a very special launch offer price.

Here at the brewery our little elves have been getting ready for the festive season. And to make sure things are all packed nicely and ready to go they’ve made some smart, new presentation packs.

Give it the personal touch

The four packs can be filled with any combination of bottles from our core range. So you can make each pack as special as you like and tailored to be the perfect gift or indulgence.

Best of all we’ve put together a really special launch offer of 2 packs for just £20.00. That’s a great saving of £4.00 against the usual retail price.

Of course you don’t have to wait for Christmas.

Our new four packs and a full stock of bottled beers are in the brewery shop now.

Save time when you fancy a bottle of beer

Screen grab of beer outlets widget on the Wincle website

Screen grab of beer outlets widget on the Wincle website

Here in Wincle we’re not always noted for our technical know-how. But with a little bit of help from those smart people on the web we think we’ve got something that you’re going to like.

After listening to what you have to say we’ve come up with a bit of wizardry. Now, no matter where you are, you will always know exactly where to find the nearest supply of Wincle’s beer in a bottle.

The great little web-based gadget is constantly up-dated with our latest stockists – all clearly displayed on a map with their contact details easily to hand. What’s more, at the click of a button, we even give you directions to help make your journey that little bit smoother.

So, save time the next time you fancy a bottle of your favourite beer. Just click on our website and we’ll guide you straight to the nearest shop door.

Follow this link to find your nearest store:

Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of

Picture of Hayley on the Wincle Beer market stall

Picture of Hayley on the Wincle Beer market stall

John Lewis may well have the best known advertising campaigns when it comes to the festive season. But if you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special person we think we’ve got them licked.

In the run up to Christmas the Wincle Beer Co. will feature all eight of our core range of bottle beers at events around the region. We’ll also be offering our limited edition 8.0% ABV Wassale which would no doubt be welcome in the stocking of any discerning connoisseur.

So, next time you’re out and about why not keep an eye open for Wincle’s market stall and in the words of John Lewis: ‘Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of’.

Where to find us:

14 November                        Northwich Artisan Market

15 November                        Beer tasting, Tatton Park, Housekeepers Stores

21 November                        Wilmslow Artisan Market

26 November                        Kettleshulme School

28 November                        Bakewell Market

29 November                        Treacle Market, Macclesfield

12 December                        Northwich Artisan Market

19 December                        Wilmslow Artisan Market

19 December                        Bakewell Market

20 December                        Treacle Market, Macclesfield

Of course the brewery shop, with our range of bottle and cask beers is open every day too.