Picture of old arrowhead

Wincle's new bar

The 1700’s were busy times in Britain. Bonnie Prince Charlie came and went, the Newcomen steam engine was invented and a small acorn began to grow in Swythamley Woods.


The prince certainly made his mark in history and Newcomen revolutionised mining. His atmospheric engine was the first to pump water out from mineshafts deep below the ground. Meanwhile, the acorn steadily grew.


In Wincle though, the big story is the mighty oak that grew in the woods. It is, in fact, that same tree from which our beautiful new bar top has just been fashioned.


The tree was felled around ten years ago and the timber has been seasoning in a barn ever since. It is now as hard as steel and makes a fabulous showpiece on which to serve our beer.


What we really like though is the fact that something hard was struck when the tree was felled by the saw.

Picture of old arrowhead

On close examination, an iron arrowhead was dug out from between the grain.

This was subsequently dated to the 1700s and so was most likely shot from a bow when the prince was in his prime.



More about the 1700s

1702   William III died and was succeeded by Anne.

1704   Gibraltar was captured by a combined Dutch and English fleet under the command of Admiral of the Fleet George Rooke.

1707   The Kingdom of Great Britain came into being.

1744    An attempted French invasion of southern England was stopped by storms.

1755    Samuel Johnson published his A Dictionary of the English Language.

1775    American War of Independence begins.

1779    The world’s first iron bridge was built in Shropshire.

1783    American War of Independence ends with Treaty of Paris.