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Sky dropped in on Wincle

It is refreshing to learn that UK beer sales have increased for the first time in a decade. So here at the Wincle brewery we were delighted to host a visit from Sky News when they decided to […]

Tug of war training can be a serious business

The Tug of War Association recommends a twice weekly training regime. Top pullers need to combine strength and stamina with a strong grip if they are going to have a chance of winning. Preparations are already underway for […]

Put your pulling power to the test

We’ll be pulling more than pints when our beer festival gets underway on 27th June this summer. This will be the first time the Wincle Beer Co. has staged its own event, and if all goes to plan there […]

Nimrod – all steam ahead!

                  Brewing of our seasonal beer for January and February will get underway next week when the mash tun starts to boil. Nimrod, our 3.7% ABV, copper coloured, cask ale […]